Frequently asked questions

What’s Touround for?

It´s an audio/video guide with pictures and maps that uses GPS to automatically activate the guide in designated locations and take you on a guided walk, drive or a bike tour. For specific tours it can be used inside museums or exhibitions scanning QR Codes for navigation. You can, as well, enjoy the guide on at home by interacting with the map and pictures while listening to the story teller.

What Smartphones can be used for Touround?
Touround is available for Apple´s iPhone and iPads with iOS 5 with high resolution images and graphics. It also works on Android devices version 2.1. or later models of the Android operating system.

How to get started

How do I get the Touround app?
The Touround app is available for free in the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store. Individual tours are selected from the app and downloaded into your device.

How do I download a tour?
You can browse our selection of tours within the Touround app in different languages, if available. Many tours are for free, others we charge a small fee for. Once you have made your selection the tour is downloaded into the device from our servers. You can re-download the tours at a later time if need be. Tours can be downloaded when you have a Wi-Fi network connection. We do not allow for tours to be downloaded over 3G networks as it can cause grief and a surprise phone-bill. So download the tour while connected to a Wi-Fi network and then you can experience the tour offline. If you lose a network connection while downloading a tour, you can always restart the download once you have a network connection again.

How do I purchase premium tours?
Premium tours are purchased directly from within the Touround app using your Apple iTunes app store account.

What is the voucher button for?
You can redeem a tour using a voucher code if you have received or purchased a voucher before. The tour could be available to purchase in-app as well or not. For example, if you purchased a tour from a museum, you can redeem it here.

Do I need a network connection while enjoying a tour?
No network connection is required while enjoying the tour. The tour audio, images and maps are pre-downloaded into your device from our servers. Then you can enjoy the tour while being offline.

While enjoying a tour

What happens to a tour in progress if I need to use my phone for other things?
The application will pause when the phone rings and then resume after the phone call. It continues to run in the background as well if you switch to another application, like the camera for example. If you are on location using GPS Trek mode, the GPS positioning will be monitored while the applications runs the background and it will automatically activate when you have reached a tour destination point.

Does the GPS Trek Mode drain the battery more quickly?
Yes. The GPS receiver is on when you run the tour in GPS Trek mode. It does vary how long the battery will last when in GPS Trek. An average iPhone, can run GPS Trek tour continuously for 5-7 hours on a full battery before recharging is needed.